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The San Mateo Environmental Dept needed an interesting way to spread the message about oil recycling. They were looking to target a younger audience and knew they needed something that people would not get bored with and ignore. So Blackhawk Content was put to the task and came up with what we think is a fresh and unique way to remind people to recycle that used oil and da filtah too homie. Concept by V. Blackhawk Aamodt, lyrics by Jason Moscartolo and V. Blackhawk Aamodt, song by Jason Moscartolo, directed and edited by V. Blackhawk Aamodt.

The Ghost Riders – “Cold Day Clip”

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Award-winning documentary “The Ghost Riders”, chronicles the sacred journey as the youth of the Lakota Nation ride to honor their ancestors and prepare themselves to be the next leaders. Shot on location throughout South Dakota in the middle of winter, the young riders traveled on horseback on the same path Chief Spotted Tail, also known as Chief Big Foot, travelled over a 100 years early when he and his tribe were fleeing from the 7th Calvary. They never made it and were massacred at Wounded Knee. Now the young riders ride through the bitter cold to get to the mass grave site at Wounded Knee and then honor those who were murdered by the 7th Calvary. Produced, directed, shot and written by V. Blackhawk Aamodt. Narrated by Benjamin Bratt. Winner of the best documentary at the SF American Indian festival, … Read More »