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American Indian College Fund

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Client: American Indian College Fund

Medium: Print magazine, Posters

The American Indian College Fund approached Blackhawk Content for a small project in building the brand image and helping to garner more exposure and funding. We came up with the spiritual icon of the buffalo, the message being the buffalo have returned but in the shape of young men and women. The copy crafted like a traditional drum song. The ad has been a success and a TV campaign based on this concept is in the works. Hoka!

Panavision – (Click Here to View the Campaign)

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Client: Panavison, New Filmmakers Program.

Medium: Outdoor, In theater, Web

Panavision approached Blackhawk Content to help promote a small yet important division of their company. The New Filmmakers Program, Panavision wanted to show the Hollywood community that they were part of the new generation of films, whether by digital or traditional film. With so many new methods of shooting a film Panavision felt it was important to stay in touch with the new up and coming directors and not only connect with them but take part in helping start their careers. We came up with a series of ads to be shown where the next generation of filmmakers are, in theaters. The print ads ran on screens in Los Angeles and New York. The next step was to create an online mini-festival using the classic LA vs. NY. The contest pitting one … Read More »

Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

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Client: Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley

Medium: Posters, flyers, web

To help promote the Culture is Prevention program, we created a series of posters and flyers to reach out to the community to build awareness and bring the culture together. We are also in the process of creating a documentary for the program as well.

Disney Channel – Super Glue

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Client: Disney Channel

Medium: Print, Magazine

Agency: RPA

Title: Super Glue

When challenged with the task of bringing families together for good TV programing I felt what better way than using something that bonds forever… thus the visual. The ad received awards from the Beldings, CA, NY Art Directors Club, Addys and Print.