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Client: American Lung Association of Los Angeles

Medium: Outdoor

A simple visual to remind and consider the effects of smoking… death. This board created by Vincent Blackhawk Aamodt would not have been possible without the help of many who donated their time or services to bring the ad to life. One interesting story with this ad, a man drove by it in Los Angeles and was so captivated he called the American Lung Association to say how much he loved and that it really made him think. He then donated over 5,000.00 of his own money to keep the ad up for another two months. The outdoor board won nearly every award in the advertising industry and spawned a slew of copycat ads.

The Park Gym

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Client: The Park Gym

Medium: Posters,Post Cards, Ambient

The Park Gym approached Blackhawk Content to help brand the gym and get the message out in a unique way, something that would grab people and not make them feel intimidated by a boxing gym. The theme that grew from this was about finding inner strength, from there it was finding unique ways to convey the brand message.

Speck Products – (Click to view the campaign)

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Client: Speck Products

Medium: Online banners

I recently helped Speck Products based in Mountain View with their Holiday online promotions. They wanted to reach different segments of their market and promote their seasonal gift ideas. I came on board to help create a slice-of-life campaign with a bit of an edge to speak to each segment.

Dr. Chaos Beverages (Click here to view the Campaign)

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Client: Dr. Chao’s All Natural Beverages

Medium: Print,web

Dr. Chao’s approached Blackhawk Content to help launch their new line of all natural drinks. We created a TV and print campaign to announce the arrival of an all new beverage, focusing on the unique feature of each drink. Stress relief, beauty enhancer and sexual rejuvenation. They wanted to highlight the all-natural angle while having some fun. Since our launch the beverage has grown across the nation, selling in stores that feature healthy and natural goods, such as Whole Foods.

Titles: San Fernando Valley, Liquid Yoga, Fountain of Youth, Profile pic.

Honda CRV – (Click here to view the campaign)

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Client: Honda

Agency: RPA

Medium: Print, Magazine

Title: CRV Launch Campaign

To brand the latest vehicle from Honda in the small SUV category we choose to highlight the many unique features of the new CRV from Honda. We focused on the little things that make this car the perfect car for those who seek adventure and outdoors. The photographic locations and technical breakdowns brought a seriousness to it’s capabilities while the smaller, tongue-in-cheek benefits kept it in the Honda Brand.

Titles: Surfing, Snowman, Picnic

Honda Passport – (Click here to view the campaign)

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Client: Honda Automobiles  of North America

Medium: Print Magazine, Posters

Agency: Rubin Postaer and Associates

While working at RPA in Santa Monica I had the great opportunity to help rebrand the Honda Passport. Honda needed to boost the image of the Passport to a more rugged vehicle, not just a Honda with 4wheel drive. So we put it to the test in some of the most remote areas of the world, then wrote the headlines in the native language of each location with a website built to translate the headlines and copy along with more details of the Passport.

Print Ads- Africa, Nepal

Honda Civic – Relax

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Client: Honda Automobiles of North America

Medium: Print Magazine

Agency: RPA

While working at RPA I had to find something new to say about the best selling car, the Honda Civic. For the Honda Civic it was all about the fact that the car simplifies your life. When life is simple it is relaxing as the visual conveys. A car ad that features no car.

Print ad – Relaxing

Sauza Tequila

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Client: Sauza Tequila

Medium: Outdoor board, regional

Agency: Cliff Freeman and Partners

While at Cliff Freeman and Partners in New York I worked on one of the most warded campaigns at the agency, Life is Harsh, Your Tequila Shouldn’t Be. Each outdoor billboard was written specifically for the location. The message, something true and maybe not so great about your town versus the smooth taste of Sauza.

Title: Denver Oysters

US West – True Value Card

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Client: US West Communications/Your Value Card

Medium: Outdoor Bus Sides

Agency: RPA

US West was offering a unique program where shoppers could earn points whenever they used their Value Cards and redeem for free items. They needed to get this message out in a quick memorable way. I think we met that challenge.

Ad title: Ski Mask